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One-time donations of any amount are greatly appreciated and help Don Sergio continue his work of building schools, constructing clean water systems for villages, and providing wound care to children and adults with burns and other injuries.

Monthly or yearly pledges are the most effective way to provide long-term security for Don Sergio, his patients, school projects and water systems, and family. We are just developing this program; if you are interested please contact Mary Murrell at

What your money buys...

  • $10 buys one package of gloves or one pack of 4x4 gauze.
  • $25 buys 25 to 30 one-time-use gauze wraps
  • $40 buys a desk for a child in an elementary school.
  • $50 covers basic medical supplies needed for one week.
  • $70 buys a large blackboard for a classroom.
  • $100 covers 4 weeks of topical antibiotic ointment.
  • $250 covers transportation for Sergio to and from the villages for 2 weeks.
  • $300 covers basic medical supplies for 5 weeks, 600 patient visits.
  • $500 covers the rent and maintenance of the museum for one month.
  • $750 buys a pump for a clean water system for an entire village.

How to Make a Donation

  1. Click on the PayPal button to make a donation using your credit card.
  2. Write a US dollar check to Sergio Castro Martinez and mail it to PMB 31, 220 North Zapata Hwy, Suite 11, Laredo, TX 78043.
  3. Write a US dollar check to IF with “Yok Chij, A. C.” on the memo line. Mail your check to IF, 160 Sunflower Lane. Watsonville, CA 95076. You will receive a receipt from IF, a 501 C 3 corporation, to be used for tax purposes. For information about IF visit their website, Yok Chij, A. C. is a Mexican nonprofit corporation in San Cristobal de las Casas.
  4. If you are in Mexico and would like to transfer funds in pesos directly into the Yok Chij, A. C. account, please contact Sergio Castro at 967-678-4289 or mail a check payable to Yok Chij, A.C or Sergio Castro Martínez, 5 de Febrero # 16, San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, México 29240

You can send medical supplies directly to Don Sergio’s clinic in Chiapas.

  • Send packages in shoe box-size package; large package deliveries are often delayed.
  • Use regular postal services; more expensive delivery services may be delayed in customs. .
  • Mail to:Castro Martínez
    5 de Febrero #16
    Sr. Sergio 16
    San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas
    Mexico 29240
  • Allow 2 weeks for delivery.
  • To confirm receipt please contact Patricia Ferrer at
Supplies available locally
  • Biafine Gel
  • Flamazine/Silver Sulfadiazine
  • Betadine Cream, ointment, or liquid soap
  • Neosporin ointment
  • Polysporin ointment
  • Bacitracin ointment
  • Bactroban ointment
  • Antibiotics: ampicillin 500mg, ciprofloxin 500mg, sulfa/trimethaprim DS, Dicloxacillin 500mg
  • Ibuprofen
  • Parecetamol/tylenol
  • Duoderm (or similar)
  • Tegaderm
    Xeroform gauze
    Aquacel dressing
    Silver impregnated dressings
  • Silicone gel sheeting , various sizes (for hypertrophic scars)
  • Silver sulfadiazine cream
Supplies needed from abroad

If you are in San Cristóbal and would like to donate medical supplies when you visit the museum, you can find the following supplies at most pharmacies in the city center. Ask your hotel personnel for details.
  • Gauze 10 x 10 cm - preferred
  • Gauze 7.5 x 5 cm
  • Gauze wraps 7.5cm, 10 cm, and 30 cm
  • Nylon and paper medical tape
  • Gloves, large size
  • Vaseline – small tubs
  • Argentafil (silver sulfadiazine) cream

Lists by Patricia Ferrer, P.A.-C.


  • Spread the word! Tell everyone you know about Don Sergio’s work. Direct them to the website, Yok
  • Invite your foundation, employer, or service organization to become involved. Foundations want to know what causes matters to you. Rotary and other clubs are often looking for places to donate money or goods. Employers may offer matching grants, allowing you to double the value of your donation. For assistance with this, contact Mary Murrell at
  • When it becomes available in February 2012, buy a copy of El Andalón, the award winning documentary about Don Sergio by Veremos Productions. Show it to your friends, your community, your church, your family and invite them to contribute to Don Sergio’s humanitarian work.
  • If you are a medical professional and would like to help Don Sergio in the field, please contact Patricia Ferrer at